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Fernando Allen

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July 30, 2013

June 29, 2011

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Music scoring - writing out the sheet music of the piano, choir, vocal solos, lyrics, and the chords to your original music compositions. Scoring is available for songbooks as well as individual songs. 

Marketing - distribution and promotion of music. Copies and assignment of music to artist for performance and recording. Copyrights - secure legal rights to your original music. 

Cataloging - catalogue your music by type, style, season, voicing, or instrumentation, then stored electronically for quick production and performance.


Choir techniques - focusing on seminars to enhance the understanding of music and the performance of music.

Skills addressed:

Breathing\ Breath control - Blending of voices - Score reading / understanding note reading - Rhythm note reading - Performance - Form and analysis also Music lessons ( private lessons in composition, piano and voice)

Ferngal Music Productions/Publishers, Inc. 501 C3

(incorporated by The State Of Maryland) is a full service music production and music publishing company. Represented by BMI Music; New York, New York.